Winsen heath - Windmill - Museumshof


Length: 7 km


From Campingpark Südheide leads this trail to the Windmill, the Winsener Museumshof, along the beautiful heathland and back to your starting point.

Winsen - Stedden - hydropower plant - Oldau - Südwinsen


Length: 12 km

Hike from Camping Südheide close along the Örtze to Oldau and switch off - surrounded by a beautiful and tranquil landscape. In Oldau you can see the hydroelectric power station, which is the only one in northern Germany, which has remained largelyin its original condition. From Oldau go on along the Aller to Südwinsen.

Winsen - Hornbosteler Hutweide - Bannetzer Schleuse


Length: 19 km

Hike from the campsite along the Aller to the Bannetzer Schleuse and then to beautiful Hornbosteler Hutweide and enjoy the harmony with nature.

Jacobusweg from Winsen to Wietze


Length: 13 km

The pilgrim tour runs from Winsen to Wietze, where the "Oil Museum" can be found. Enjoy hiking on the trail along the Aller with its beautiful, forested nature reserves and give yourself a break and relaxation in the fresh air. After registration you can visit the "St. Michael Church in Wietze" and "Stechinelli Chapel" and the "Waldschmiede Museum" in Wieckenberg.

Jacobusweg from Winsen to Celle


Length: 20 km

On this day stage follow the Jakobusweg Luneburg Heath through the residential and half-timbered town of Celle with its castle over the old district Boye along the Aller with open view over the Allerwiesen, through the forest to Stedden, a small piece along the Örtze up to Winsen.

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Opening Times

4th May – 1st November 2020

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